this week at the FPL


Today was fake and real fact day at the library. I read the kids real (if strange) facts like, Leonardo Da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other–at the same time, and even better, a blue whale’s fart bubble is big enough to enclose a horse–I bet that’s the one that sticks with them.

Then everybody buddied up and began making lists of a dozen facts, only eleven of which were true. The unfactual fact was made up to fool the other teams. Kyleigh, Hope and Kaydence worked on animals. Their facts were so obscure it was hard to doubt any of them.

Klark, Augie and Nick ranged around a bit, hitting a lot of subjects. Olivia and I did too. We went in for igneous rocks, global weather, botany–you know, facts. Our bad fact was that the human body replaces all its cells every three days. Clearly no one considered teeth or bones because everyone was fooled.

The twins roared in, late but in time for Ms Kary’s masterpiece project. She had two beautiful picture frames and had each kid hold a frame up as if they were the work of art and then talk about what they wanted to do in the future.

CJ1 returned after a couple of week’s absence–I was so happy to see him. He’s moved away from the neighborhood, but he biked back.

The kids come and go and I never get used to it. A couple of days ago Zion and DeeDee showed up at my door to announce that Zion was moving. DeeDee could tell I was sad. He put an arm around me. “Don’t feel bad Miss Adrian…and can we have a Popsicle?” I felt so bad they each got one, plus a cookie.

Today the library served one of its unadvertised functions, providing a place for some of the kids to get out of a domestic fight. Mr. John was the hero, driving the group to a safer place. Some library we have!

Kary has put up a very nice post of pickle art on our site, Check it out.

DSC00673 DSC00674DSC00727DSC00733

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