this week at the FPL


We had a fine day at the Front Porch Library–just five kids and six volunteers–boy did those kids get attention. We looked at some mythological creatures like the Minotaur and Pegasus, then each kid created their own imaginary beast. They did murals, wrote and illustrated stories, even built new creatures using Legos. By the time they were done they could explain the natural history of the beast, how it would interact with any human it met, what its legend was.

Corrin had one of the most interesting. Her creature only aged if it got injured. An injury would bump it along as if it had had a birthday. She said that if it was careful it could live forever.

Vivienne had a stuffed snake that wore a very fancy Lego necklace–Vivienne is our resident princess so the necklace made sense–she just felt that a pink plush snake needed one, there was no connection to the project. When she got down to business, the drawing of her creature had a stately Pegasus look about it.

The kids who did murals went home with their work rolled up like a scroll and tied with gold ribbon. We are a real class act at the FPL.

Meg brought sandwich materials so our healthy snack was more like a healthy meal, no one minded an extra meal. Who would? We also had watermelon that was delivered to our door by an unknown woman who told my husband it was for us or the kids at the library.

Mr. John and I shelved newly cataloged books. We had a torrential downpour–then remembered we had some crates of books on the steps outside. It was a typical summer day at the FPL. And a good time was had by all.

DSC05083 DSC05084 DSC05088

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