this week at the FPL

flag_cropped DSC05029

Even though the national birthday celebration was yesterday we held it over for another day and discussed the American flag in its many forms at the FPL–we covered flags made from soldiers shirts and ladies’ petticoats to the flag we now salute designed by a 17 year old student who got a B- on the project. (I sure hope that story was not apocryphal).

We considered the original 13 colonies. It was a little disconcerting to have Russia and Canada among the suggestions when we were trying to nail those original 13 down. We did our 15 minutes of independent reading from US history-themed book including one about the Mayflower and a book about Ellis Island. I showed off the immigration papers from my dad’s family. They came from Sweden and were processed through Ellis Island. We looked at their names, one of which had been conveniently Americanized.

Then everyone made a flag in answer to the question, if you had your own country, what would the flag look like. They all got into the symbolism of choosing colors. Tyler chose yellow for sunlight and blue for calm. Many of the flags bore an uncanny resemblance to the Stars and Stripes–although our flags had great captions (what can I say, we had letter stencils so we had to use them).

Maggie went birthday shopping in our back room (it is her mother’s birthday). She found a stuffed animal, a little notebook and a gift box shaped like a house. Heather and Hanna and Kary sorted and cataloged books. Mr. John controlled the chaos that is what we call cake decoration.

A very fine day at the library.

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