this week at the FPL

muffins1DSC05025Maggie showed up first for Library so she and I made the blueberry muffins–sometimes I just get tired of cake. We had the muffins in the oven even before the official start of library, and plenty of other kids and volunteers as well. If the early bird getting the worm were true worms would be in trouble.

I ambitiously decided that today we would focus on HISTORY in our reading time. To that end I read (or approximately read–given the roving attention in the room) a book about the schoolchildren’s blizzard of 1888. First Tyler did the math on how long ago that was–I have rarely seen such magnificent borrowing. Then we divided into teams and as I read the story the teams wrote down the things they saw in the story that didn’t square with today, things like carrying lunch to school in a bucket and wearing long dresses. Team Jorge won with…I want to say eighteen differences.

Then everyone read for fifteen minutes from a book that was connected to history. Around the room kids were reading about everything from Matthew Henson, the black explorer who reached the pole with Admiral Peary to how to embalm a mummy to Franklin Rosevelt’s dog, Fala.

Meg–who makes the most gourmet healthy snacks imaginable made us falafel which was eaten while painting in the driveway. We rigged up three easels and everyone tried their hand at painting a flower or a dinosaur or an insane chipmunk-like creature that probably inhabits a game on the days it is not at the library. I got a chance to draw a color wheel and teach painters how to make grey and brown–anyone can make green.

We picked up a new jump rope at Goodwill. It saw some double-dutch action. We met Olivia and Klark’s new dog, Story and gave away tomatoes from the community garden. Another fine day at the library.


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