this week at the FPL



I can usually gauge the potential turnout for the library by the number of kids I see before opening, and how many knocks I have on the door asking if it is time for library. I thought today would be light–I’d seen no kids. And then I opened the door and they came and came.

With the first four through the door (they come in waves) we discussed fathers but one had a father who had passed away and the other three had dads in jail.The twins roared in and we moved on.

Last summer we had a 15 minute silent reading period and I re-instituted it today. The silence was a thing of beauty. Harper was reading about mosquitoes, Joe about dinosaurs. Jackie found a spot in a back room and stretched out on a bed to read (not exactly part of the plan, but to get kids reading we loosen up considerably). My husband, Ray’s, old darkroom timer counted off the minutes and buzzed when the time was up.

After that Joe built a very large, non-rectilinear structure he claimed was an apartment building surrounding a pool (residents jumped out of their windows to get in the pool). Harper sewed buttons on fabric, Danny did melty beads, Hope and CJ 1 researched the name of the Egyptian god of the dead. Hoops were shot, a little residual reading went on.

We had cupcakes left from the party (frozen) but the icing was looking sad. It was fortuitous that Mr. John got some squirt icing at Walmart for cheap. CJ 1 and I reupholstered them with gobs of icing.

We had a confrontation with one of the boys who refused to pick up the mess he’d made. Hopefully he was having a bad day. It was tough though, and everyone got in on the act of trying to reason with him. I just have to say that there are no future diplomats among us. Still, it was a fine day at the FPL.

2 thoughts on “this week at the FPL”

  1. I’m sorry. I have a funny feeling I know who would not clean up. We’ll have a talk this weekend.

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