this week at the FPL

DSC04911 DSC04914 DSC04921 DSC04927

Goodness! That was one whirlwind of a gathering at the Front Porch Library. We are getting ready for our 6th birthday party next Sunday and thought, wouldn’t place mats be nice? I strung a line across the driveway and as we finished these wildly assorted place mats we clothes-pinned them to the line.

They include everything from a portrait of our beloved volunteer Jorge, to some impressive dragons, and a very convincing cross-section of an ant colony. We hope that everyone who comes to share our birthday dinner will eat carefully (no spaghetti sauce on the dragons please) and take one home.

In the kitchen the aforementioned spaghetti sauce was adjusted and giant chocolate chip cookies were baked for the traditional homemade ice cream sandwiches.

Miss Heather, CJ #1 and Tyler worked on cataloging and shelving our latest book donations so we will look good for the gathering. It sure will be fun!

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