this week at the FPL

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I don’t let the kids go in the house when I am not there but the front porch of the Front Porch Library is always open for them–so we have come up with a new routine. “Miss Adrian, can you unlock the house so we can get the Legos?” So we get the Legos. “And, oh yeah, how about some board games. And that magnetic block set.” We had just done that, and they’d barely begun to build on the porch when the storm hit. I drove Jackie, CJ#1, and Zion to CJ#1’s house.

The storm died by library time and everyone was back. Everyone. While we made “save the date” invitations (thanks to Cole and Meg) for the library birthday party Mr. John slaved over the evolving spaghetti sauces in the kitchen with chopping help from Jorge and Makayla.

Miss Heather, Hanna and CJ#1 sorted donated books.

CJ#1 had asked if a basketball tournament was possible, and if so would I put it up on the sandwich board to announce the contest to the world. I said, okay, as long as any kid, no matter how little could play. The storm washed the glad tidings off the board, and CJ #1 got too busy with the book sorting to compete. The tournament went on, looking like almost any afternoon at the library hoop–man we have got to get a new pump, our basketballs barely bounce.

Vivienne spent her library time torturing Jorge with a lethal plastic spider, then arranging plastic animals with Miss Meg. Cut-throat checkers occupied the living room folding table. The cake was triple chocolate. Another fine afternoon at the FPL.

2 thoughts on “this week at the FPL”

  1. Congratulations Front Porch Library on your 6th anniversary! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but unfortunately, I can’t make it that Sunday. Best wishes for many more years of success. The library is a special place.

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