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photo credit: Zion, age 9
photo credit: Zion, age 9

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photo credit: Zion, age 9

It was pickle day at the Front Porch Library. Kary found a recipe for refrigerator pickles and the Community Garden is over flowing with cucumbers. For those of you who don’t know, June 13th will be the seventh birthday of the library and we always celebrate with a dinner for the neighborhood prepared by kids wielding knives. Today we broke out the knives and hacked up cucumbers in all kinds of ways Martha Stewart might find appalling, but we filled thirteen jars with the wounded vegetables and doused them in brine prepared by Mark (a scientist who can really heat and cool brine).

My favorite library experience today came before we opened when I went down to the garden to pick dill for the pickles. The basketball guys were shooting hoops. “We’ll walk you, Miss Adrian.” I had a posse of five very cool guys trooping along with me to pick dill. We sampled the natal plums growing by the retention pond and tried out the tomatoes, then we trooped back with a bouquet of dill. I felt like the popular girl in high school (had I been them I would have been embarrassed to hang with me, but it is to their credit that they weren’t).

Meanwhile, during library time for-real, John began the ceremonial peeling and cooking up of last year’s frozen tomatoes, the start of the traditional pasta sauce (since we don’t know how to do the loaves and fishes trick we have to stick to cheap starch for the bulk of the meal).

Some very fine pickle drawings were done after the pickles sat in their jars pickling. One was of a pickle saying, “Dill with it!”

A note on those healthy snacks we decided to add because sometimes the kids seem to come hungry. Our neighbor Meg has been bringing healthy snacks for the last several weeks. Today she brought cheese and crackers, blueberries and sliced bananas. She went home with a very clean plate. Boy oh boy is this ever a community effort.

We had (by my count without the sign in sheet) ten boys and two girls and loads of volunteers, every one of them needed. It was an uproariously busy day at the FPL. Huge fun.

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