this week at the FPL

Today at the library we had the first-ever house concert. Three of our wonderful Leon High volunteers, Tiffany, Cole and Michael played guitar solos, duos and trios. Meanwhile, the library contributed a little William Tell as Zion and Kwili shot arrows across the street. At the same time Vivienne was drawing a lovely picture complete with about a thousand butterfly stickers.

We had an unusual gathering with family members of the musicians sitting on chairs usually occupied by kids. It was a nice way to meet more neighbors. And the decor was unusually top-drawer. I lugged over a couple of plaster columns and topped them with flower arrangements from a friend’s wedding yesterday. It would have been perfect but someone invited the mosquitoes and turned the heat up. Luckily I had a stash of cardboard fans from a county commission race and we could all fan ourselves while we listened.

The street guys (all basketball all the time) appreciated Miss Meg’s empanadas more than anyone and, sitting at the picnic table jokingly claimed them–they needed no help cleaning the plate. That was our healthy snack.

In the unhealthy snack department it was “frozen cake day” at the library. We did in all the leftover bits of the cakes of yesteryear, disguised slightly with whipped cream Hope whipped up in the kitchen using an old-style hand crank egg beater. It seemed at first as if it would never hold a peak, but she made it!

A fine and unusually musical day at the FPL!

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