this week at the FPL


DSC04706 DSC04709 DSC04714 DSC04715 Today at the FPL we mapped the neighborhood–well, a good piece of it. The kids went out in teams with volunteers, counting houses, marking down important features of the neighborhood like the tulip tree on Cates and the Airstream trailer in front of Juniper’s house. We covered a big table with paper and translated our notes into a very colorful map with every house drawn. The biggest house was Harper and Danny’s. I forget which of the twins was the artist, but they live in a mansion.

We went out into the street and located the sun, then made our compass rose. And then, inexplicably, Santa Claus appeared in one corner of the map.

While mapping we also we went on collecting insects. When they were brought inside Joe drew each specimen for our neighborhood field guide. CJ, for the first time, came in off the street where he usually shoots hoops through library and took part in the insect collecting. He was really good at it!

Allie and her mother Lisa came to bring books and stayed to take part. Allie trapped a mosquito in one of our tubes. It was interesting to see the mosquito flying around in the collecting tube–we have the only catch and release mosquito program on the planet.

It was such a good day at the library.

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