this week at the FPL


The Front Porch Library is tidal–and today we were at high tide. So many, many kids. Camden and Brayden came very early in the morning, read on the porch for a while, then came back half an hour before opening time, so I just unlocked. I set up while they built with Leggos and Lincoln Logs.

Our neighbor Meg brought little sandwiches as a healthy snack and over the course of library time kids kept revisiting the kitchen to get another one (this is part of our plan to act less like Marie Antoinette).

Meg also brought clay and the kids made lots of bakeable creatures. Meanwhile, in the yard I led a nature expedition. Each of us had a tray for collecting leaves and tubes for gathering insects. The leaves were more cooperative and we were able to look at the many strategies used by leaves in an effort to look like themselves. Virginia Creeper for instance is Palmately Compound, and contrary to the collective kid wisdom NOT POISON IVY.

We did pretty well in the spider/insect department when we began rolling over rotting logs. The millipede got away, but we caught two pill bugs that paraded up and down the tube, passing each other in the middle like sentries.

Vivian, who lives two doors down from the library,stayed without her mom for the first time. Redheaded Vivian Is always some kind of princess–today a very active one, swooping around the yard in her dress-up clothes. I don’t think she missed her mother at all, she was too busy having a great time.

Jump rope competition in the street was tense. JR hit 29 times narrowly beating out Zion. We had a great gathering with lots of volunteer help. I know, I know,I’d better go back in the morning and check for any unattended-to havoc, but it was a truly fine afternoon at the FPL.

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