this week at the FPL


DSC04630 IMG_1851

Craig and I played for Echo’s Empty Bowl fundraiser, but the library was in super good hands with Ms. Heather in charge and all the great volunteers who come for no more pay than a piece of cake, or, this week, a little mud pie with a gummy worm in it. Thanks everybody–you even took pictures–I owe you all big-time.

Next week, Easter, the library will be closed for some family time all around. We’ll be back!

Adrian, we missed you this week at Front Porch Library. Hope you had fun singing – here’s a rundown of the afternoon:

It was a busy day at FPL today! Our wonderful Key club volunteers and Hunter showed up to help out as we dyed Easter eggs, used giant cardboard boxes as space ships, and of course, checked out books. Someone donated a tub of Legos which Harper and Danny dived into immediately (see photo). One and a half year old Lexxie showed up with her mom and dad and together they built a megabuck tower. After they left, Klark and Kweli joined Hope in adding a few more feet to bring it up to eye level.

Instead of cake, we tried something new today and made “dirt pies” (chocolate pudding with crumbled oreos on top). Our newest library-goer Kweli helped make the pudding and Harper smashed the oreos. After the kids painted flower pots to put their “dirt pies” into, they added gummy worms and a flower to complete their welcome to spring. Check out the final product!

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