this week at the FPL


The neighborhood gave the Front Porch Library an opening boost with an injured raccoon holed up two doors down and every concerned kid gathered to discuss the issue. Meanwhile, the adults had the rescue folks from St. Francis on the way. Library alternated with walks back to check on the raccoon, then watch the netting and removal of the animal.

My program for today featured skulls from lots of local animals–including a raccoon, so we were right on topic–or right on topic kid by kid. It was our first day of warm dry weather in a long time and the kids were shooting hoops and biking up and down the street at full speed. I did the program on the fly, snagging individual kids. “Why do you think this animal has its eyes on the side instead of in the front like we do?

We had a new volunteer named Hope who spent the whole two hours keeping up with four-year-old Chloe. That meant chasing her bike down the street to keep her safe from cars, letting Chloe ride piggyback and playing with plastic food in the living room where every other course was an ice cream cone.

Joe and Makaila worked in the kitchen on a Black History Month project. Mr. John was incredibly helpful naming musicians to add to Louis Armstrong, the sole musician on the poster when they arrived.

Miss Heather was the hub of a mad cataloging effort. We had lots of kids today and lots of volunteers. I know because of the number plates I washed–and the fact the cake had to be cut really thin in order to go around–and most of the volunteers abstained.

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