this week at the FPL



The weekly gathering at The Front Porch Library started quietly enough, just Zion and the twins on the kid side of the equation, Mr. John, Michael and Miss Adrian
on the adult side (with the twins in the mix we were a little light on the supervisory side) but we got homemade banana bread in the oven–we could soon smell it all the way out in the driveway.

We then began sewing and taping and generally constructing fairly scary ninja masks–there is no way to explain the directions we go off in on a Sunday–it just happens. The stretchy loops for making pot holders proved to be perfect for binding all the fabric together at the neck. Eye holes were cut with our only decent pair of scissors (the others only look like scissors).

Joe and Kyle came. Joe needed a pad of drawing paper. Then Austin and Jackie. It was a girl-free day at the library. Hoops were shot, the bread came out of the oven. We ate it hot, with butter. Someone asked, where’s the cake? We’re going for variety, I said.

After we closed I saw the twins running down the street, barefoot. Harper was also bare-chested, wearing the cape we’d torn out of an old sheet. When I asked him where his shirt was he said, “Real men don’t wear shirts!”

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