this week at the FPL


Library began with the traditional 1:30 visit from the first kid. Today it was Zion. We bargained for 2:30, when he came back to help me set up for the 3:00 opening. We were carrying cartons of books out when a scream from the street brought us running. It was one of the twins, who had wiped out on his bike on his way to the library. He was missing a shoe, but it was not accident related. He explained that he’d lost the shoe in his own back yard (when he went home after the library closed the second shoe was in the bushes by the basketball hoop).

Today I was just tired of box cakes so Talese. Danny, John and Zion made jam muffins.

The woeful state of hand skills came to my attention a couple of weeks ago watching a volunteer try to tie a knot–although thumbs are getting a workout, the other fingers are atrophying. So today, I started teaching sewing. We began by threading needles, putting knots on the end, then sewing buttons–everyone needs to know how to do that. The buttons came out of my grandmother’s button box, so many were a good eighty years old. We had a great time and all earned our jam muffins.

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