this week at the FPL

IMG_2675 IMG_4016

We tried something new at the Front Porch Library today. It looked like a drawing project but it was really an exercise in following–and giving directions. I made some simple drawings that the instruction-followers couldn’t see. All they got were verbal directions: draw a square in the middle of the page, now draw a triangle sitting on top of the square. We did very well on the house with a path,a tree, a sun in the corner of the page. The bird was a little harder. I think the instruction giver screwed up. I wasn’t specific about where the two triangles went on the small circle. Not surprisingly, the beak became ears. “It’s a cat!” yelled Harper. It went downhill from there.

After the landscape, the cat/bird, and the Teddy bear a spate of plain old drawing broke out. The most interesting drawing left on the table portrayed an elephant with a peanut going in one and and poop coming out the other. “The cycle of digestion” as one volunteer called it.

Ariana came by herself for the first time, or so it seemed–I was just remarking on Ariana, her book bag over her shoulder, when Heather said, “It looks like an adult is following her about half a block behind. Evidently, this was the trial run on walking to the library alone. I appreciate that kind of careful parenting.

The cake theme today was “Spring is Coming.” It was vanilla cake, but I took out some of the batter, mixed yellow in half, green in the other half. It was do-it-yourself marble cake in spring colors. Very cheerful. Another fine day at the FPL.

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