this week at the FPL


Today at the Front Porch Library Kalesia and Justice, who moved out of the neighborhood came back–with an excused absence for the two weeks they missed. The flu. I am so accustomed to kids vanishing –and it breaks my heart every time, but having these two come back did me a world of good. These sisters have birthdays on consecutive days,tomorrow and Tuesday. We hit the prize box for a round of choose-your-own birthday present.

We were also giving away three ring binders and almost eight-year-old Kalesia claimed three, hunted down the package of notebook paper and dividers and assembled herself three working notebooks. Kalesia is already a teacher-in-training.

Miss Heather taught magnetism–a magnetism hunt ensued. What will a magnet stick to anyway?

Meg brought back the fired tiles for glazing and shared the sad news that taco man blew up in the kiln (sorry MLS).

Mr. John ran the kitchen where whole wheat jam muffins were baked. Cole listened to readers and generally helped out.

In the street, a bunch of older boys were shooting hoops with Hunter. My lecture to them was very simple. Be nice to the little kids and no cursing. When the muffins were carried out to the picnic tables in the driveway they instantly abandoned the hoop and sat, incredibly politely, waiting for hot muffins with butter and jam. That was one of my favorite moments; five teen and nearly-teen guys, not cursing, leaning expectantly toward a tray of muffins.

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