this week at the FPL


Last week we took a vote and decided to close the library to kids today and have a work day–and work we did. We evicted spiders from nonfiction and the series cupboard (Jorge was the official spider evictor–no spiders were harmed).

We shook the dust out of the rug, hung new posters. Cole and Tiffany went through all the board games making sure they were complete and not too redundant–how many Scrabble games does the FPL really need? Mr. John cleaned and straightened out the cupboard where we store two library essentials: cake decorating supplies and Bandaids, meanwhile, his wife, Vikki repainted our sign at one of the tables in the driveway.

The kids did not totally stay away. Zion, who knocked on my door at twenty minute intervals all day up until library time distributed fliers with our ever-faithful volunteer Hunter. Joe wheezed in with a really bad case of bronchitis and alphabetized our library check-out cards, but with a twist. Joe’s alphabet begins with Z and ends with A.

For snack I pulled out a greatest-hits selection of frozen cake from weeks past. I don’t know why, but the leftover chunks (with the exception of a skinny bit of spice cake) were all chocolate: chocolate with blue icing, chocolate with eyeball sprinkles, chocolate with hot pink drips…you get the idea.

So, the library is cleaner and better organized, There are a fair number of homeless spiders wandering the porch aimlessly, and the supply of used cake is way down. Another good day at the FPL.

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