this week at the FPL


Today’s Front Porch Library gathering was fun and sad. Fun first. Meg brought clay and the fired stamps the kids made a couple of weeks ago and we began fabricating tiles we hope to sell to raise money for the FPL. Harper went 3D creating a large taco, with arms. It will take a discerning buyer to appreciate Mr. Taco.

The Key Club volunteers plus Hanna began work on another fund raising scheme, a concert. Lists were generated.

Hanna and Jorge decorated the cake. Candy eyeballs were involved.

On the sad side, another family is leaving the neighborhood taking Corrin and Chloe with them–two of my favorites–I know I say that a lot, and I mean it every time.

Corrin, a girl who knows her own mind asked, “Aren’t you all going to make going away cards for us?” We made the sisters one card but we all signed it and wrote our messages. The card was delivered at a brief ceremony in the street (we had to accommodate the hoopsters). Corrin read every message riding piggy-back on volunteer Tiffany. Corrin is a very good reader, but I guess she was savoring the card. Tiffany began to wilt and demanded a spotter.

The twins had built an exemplary Lego fort which had to be put in the middle of the goodbye circle. We are quick to generate new traditions at the FPL. I expect the street circle (despite the fact we had to disperse for traffic) and the Lego fort to become part of a farewell tradition. I just hope we don’t have to enact it too often. Our turnover of library kids has been too great for me lately. I hate goodbyes.

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