this week at the FPL


Followers of the Front Porch Library may be wondering, heck, did they just close their doors last week? Heck no, but I was at a writer’s retreat and the troops carried on without me–and it sounds as if they had their hands beyond full. If you want proof, Kary posted the photos on our library site:

This week turned out to be a teacher planning day–the only kids who came were the twins, Harper and Danny, who conveniently arrived right about cake time. The adults and their wiser teenage understudies spent the time listing “what we are really trying to teach.” The list included things like respect and delayed gratification–and, oh yeah, reading.

We pulled together programs for future weeks–and then, with just a little help from the twins we attacked the cake which was decorated by three of our wiser teenage understudies–who were at least as messy as the kids when decorating. I wish I could remember exactly what the squiggle-on icing said…something about Jorge being the coolest guy ever. Jorge is a veteran of four years of volunteering at our library. I have been writing him letters of recommendation for college, while secretly hoping he stays in high school forever. Sunday will not be Sunday without him.

It was a quiet day at the FPL–and exactly what we needed; a little time to pull our act together!

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