this week at the FPL

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It was Halloween party day at the Front Porch Library. What a gathering! Let me just say I can’t remember the last time I have felt this tired–but happy, yup, very happy. We had kids and kids and volunteers and volunteers.

John was in the kitchen cooking up the glue for popcorn balls–what a great smell (not really glue, but lots of Karo Syrup, sweetener of my youth).

Outside, Meg and the kids were making masks with fabric and real glue (Elmer’s, glue of my youth) Kary and Hanna handled the face painting. The costume table was in full swing.

Meanwhile, we had three large pumpkins. It is a little known fact that you can get at least three faces on a pumpkin if it is big enough. Carving was handled by Michael and Cole–the kids drew the faces on with magic markers. Giving them knives seemed unwise, even to me.

The guts of the pumpkins went home with Meg who lives on the corner and has chickens.

For my part, I told that not-so-famous scary story, The Hairy Toe.

Apples floated in a wash tub. The apple bobbing champ was Corrin, with ten apples in two minutes–and Jorge had twisted the stems off to make it a greater challenge. I now have a large number of apples with bite marks in them. Don’t worry, I’ll work around those bite marks.

Cut-throat games of Spot-It were played on the rug in the living room. The kids almost always beat the volunteers who are not cutting them slack. It takes a great deal of humility to accept being beaten by a four-year-old. Luckily, we have some seriously humble volunteers.

Finally, I have to mention the GIANT CAKE given to us by Roberta Losee Burton It must have weighed 12 pounds. It was a huge hit and what was left over went home to four different families. What a great party at the library!

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