this week at the FPL

DSC04224 DSC04226 DSC04230

Our neighbor, Meg, rolled her wagon over to the Front Porch Library, loaded with clay and the stamps she had made to show the kids. What ensued was a flurry of slapping slabs of clay on just about anything that had a texture and didn’t move.

The kids made stamps (we will print fabric using them after they are fired) of sneaker soles, basketball hide, fingers, tabletops, driveway gravel and plastic soldiers. They came out great! Meg’s wagon was wheeled home carrying all the pieces of imprinted clay. When they come back we will go to town printing bags that can be used to carry books or groceries home.

Of course there was tree climbing, hoop shooting, read-alouds and cake eating. One of our new Leon High volunteers brought a football and it was thrown, bullet-like, up and down the street while I prayed for all nearby windshields.

Tiffany, who heads the volunteers of Leon High’s Key Club donated a huge supply of chips and gold fish, the incentives for reading aloud to a volunteer. They’ll keep kids reading for weeks to come (no, we are not above bribery).

Meanwhile, Jorge tackled the dreaded back room where art supplies go to multiply.

Heather and Joe worked on cataloging books, starting a new YA section.

We have yet to log a dull moment at the FPL.

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