this week at the FPL


The population of the FPL is tidal, it ebbs and floods, and friends, today we were at flood. Loads of kids, loads of volunteers–many of Leon’s Key Club members joined us.

I just got back from an English teacher’s conference in Orlando where I spent a day with Jackie Mims Hopkins, who writes fractured fairy tales. In her talks she explained that she prefaces her tales with nonfiction information. Today the read-aloud was her book, “The Three Armadillies Tuff,” (I don’t have to tell you the fairy tale she fractured, do I?), so I got to talk up the many biological wonders of armadillos. Bet you didn’t know they can hold their breath for five minutes or jump four feet in the air.

I even had a bit of armadillo armor for the kids to see. I don’t know why this made me think “textures” but we made rubbings of all kinds of things, including the partial armadillo.

In the meantime the twins were making parachutes for plastic soldiers and dropping them from the high branches of the ligustrum. Zion and Braden were building a fort. Talese was decorating various girls’ hands with henna designs, Jorge and a changing cast were playing Spot-It. Books were being sorted by Hanna, Heather and Key Club volunteers.

And it was frozen cake day at the library! Yes, chunks of cake leftover from other weeks made a return, topped with ice cream. No one complained. A very lively and super-fun day at the FPL.

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