this week at the FPL

IMG_0462 IMG_0468


It was puppet making day at the FPL. The puppets fell into two categories. The ones you could glue things to and draw on and the ones that required a thread and needle. Kalesia made a stunning puppet of the glue-on variety. By punching holes in the top edge of the paper bag she tied on lots of lengths of yarn which she then braided. She glued on bobble eyes–more than were strictly required.

The twins and Braden went for the socks. The twins produced magnificent snakes with button eyes, felt tongues and scales. Braden recreated Dracula–he also lost the button on his shorts which we sewed back on.

I bought a package of fake mustaches (at the FPL we are drawn to bouts of false mustache wearing) but this time I was sure they would go on the puppets. Wrong. As always they went on the kids, but this time there was a twist. We had the glue and the bobble eyes out so many got glued to foreheads (eight or ten per forehead). It was as if we had a bunch of mustache-wearing spiders there today.

In the street a gaggle of older boys shot hoops. Everyone enjoyed the chocolate cake.

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