this week at the FPL


This is the first Sunday after solving the FPL insurance problem. I baked the weekly cake (chocolate) with a feeling of joy and relief. And so, we moved forward with a nature scavenger hunt finding things like leaves with veins that were alternate or opposite, different kinds of grasses, something natural with a rough surface, and something that started with the first letter of each child’s name. D is for dirt.

“Something plastic” was also on the list as the “what doesn’t belong in this picture” entry. Danny and Mr. John dragged a metal and plastic bed frame from down the street. The other teams turned in things like two inches of tape. Danny and Mr. J. won the award for most impressive find.

Then we did some wet-in-wet watercolor painting and reading aloud was exceptionally popular (I got some new treats – rewards for reading).

Hunter and the twins pumped up the library’s basketballs–all five–and library ended with B’ball mayhem. We didn’t get the library closed until we’d run half an hour over. All the volunteers: Talese, Hunter, Hanna, Heather, John, Penny and I will sleep the sleep of the just tonight–and I will vacuum in the morning.

It is just good to know we are still in business!

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