5 thoughts on “Front Porch Library needs a hand”

  1. A- I think this is the best thing that the neighborhood has going for it. This and the garden. I lived there for over 8 years and am ashamed of myself for not going there and helping. The twins, Danny and Harper absolutely MUST leave my house in time to get to the FPL every time the library is open. It is one of their stated conditions. We love you Gee-gee and Aunt Nancy but we have to be back in time. …so, I would like to help out if I could. would you like to set up a gofundme.com account? Is there any other monetary donation site set up yet? Let me know- I can always move my pbs monthly donation over to an even more localized one!
    Can’t afford much, but would love to help.
    Nancy Rainey (Aunt Nancy in the neighborhood).

    1. Hi Nancy,
      We’re working on setting up an online portal for donations. Stay tuned. In the meantime, why don’t you drop by the library one Sunday soon and join your nephews in the fun and frolic that is library time.

  2. Read the Democrat piece and came away slightly confused about insurance. Does FPL need financial aid to help pay for insurance or assistance in finding an insurer?

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