this week at the FPL

DSC04170 DSC04181

Today at the Front Porch Library we made a joyful noise using the surprising array of sounds that can be made using your body as an instrument–we then went on to scavenge unlikely objects to drum on: chairs, pie pans, cooling racks, glass pitchers. We took turns conducting the orchestra. Since tomorrow is Zion’s birthday we gave him a noisy rendition of the traditional song.

The library sign has been looking tragic so Nadia, Makayla, Yemani, and Kalesia worked on it. Each got a word to paint. Yemani, who is into Manga made “Library” drip with blood. In fact, each word reflects the character of the girl who designed and painted it. As soon as we get all the words wired together we will hang it on the nail in the live oak.

In honor of Zion I baked a confetti cake which he decorated with grass green icing. We had a 4 candle and a 5 candle from the last two library celebrations. We put both on the cake. No, he is not turning 45 but he was turning 4+5.


It was kind of a math problem-celebration cake.
Another fine and crazy day at the FPL.

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