this week at the FPL

I am still soaking wet from today’s gathering at the FPL–which is good because it is mighty hot. Kary challenged me to the ALS ice bucket dunking, and it seemed that the library would be the best place to do it since there are so many people there who would like to throw ice water over my head.

als1 als3 als4 copy

But before that we did our weekly “program.” I did my best to make the tenuous connection between disease and finding a cure and ice water. Okay, this will sound like a stretch, but I talked about small pox, one of just a couple of diseases that has been eradicated through human effort (without the help of ice water or YouTube). We talked about how diseases are transmitted and how their spread is interrupted.

I’ll admit that the group was mostly standing on their chairs and some had their shirts off for no apparent reason, but I soldiered on. Did you know that both Abe Lincoln and George Washington had small pox? I didn’t either.

Then we did a lot of things with paper and a stapler. Future teacher, Kalesia, gave all of us spelling tests. Those of us who thought to put a date on the page were awarded extra points.

I made a lemon cake today. It turns out that lemon cake ranks below spice in popularity. I’ll go with funfetti next week. Who doesn’t like spots of color in their cake?

After my dunking we poured water on Hanna, Hunter and Jorge for good measure. It was a wet and wild day at the library. I think I’ll devote the rest of the evening to drying out slowly.

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