this week at the FPL


Tomorrow school begins again–so today the FPL filled a bunch of water balloons. It had nothing to do with literacy, but we know the kids will get a dose of that tomorrow–and we circulated quite a few books. But what we mostly did was say goodbye to our wonderful volunteer Jennifer, with is since 2010, and met her new baby and her mom.

We made Kenji a beautiful quilt. The kids drew the patches with fabric markers–everything from dinosaurs to a skull (he’s a boy, he’ll probably like a spooky skull) to a “born to read” patch with a smiling baby on it. I embroidered the center patch: There once was a boy named Kenji, because his story is just beginning.

I put a tie at the corner of each patch and every one there tied a knot and made a wish for Kenji. We must be book people because we felt like the fairy godmothers giving gifts to Sleeping Beauty. We gave Kenji everything from world travel to math proficiency. That boy will do just fine–but we will be the poorer without Jennifer who is leaving Tallahassee and taking her wonderful, calm, kind influence with her.

I hate saying goodbye!

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