this week at the FPL

We never know what will confront the intrepid forces of the Front Porch Library. Today, while trying to find the sewing machine manual we found a small lizard stuck to a piece of duct tape. One foot and his head were free, but the rest of him was glued–and he was so darned small!

Hunter ran home and got some lotion (we’re pretty sure it helped because any part we freed would not re-stick–even duct tape has limits).Then John took off his glasses so he could see better and gently pried the lizard loose. We then had an emaciated, somewhat sticky lizard in the bottom of a measuring cup with a lot of people staring at it. We gathered leaves, dead bugs, and found a bottle cap to fill with water. Penny and Hunter took him home. They claim to have worms in their yard.


Otherwise, it was a day of building. We tried to use every lego, duplo, tinkertoy and wooden block we had (I just got a big bag of plastic soldiers, cowboys and indians at Goodwill and they needed some buildings from which to stage their battle). I don’t think the boys used them all, but judging by the massive war zone on the rug they came close.

Next Sunday is the last before school starts. We discussed water balloons and other celebratory forms of mayhem. And, oh yeah, we read some books.

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