this week at the FPL


After a two week break the Front Porch Library reopened its doors. It was a small but good gathering. Harper and Danny came in with a glass bottle and announced that they had to find a caterpillar. They further announced that they were going to be scientists. They didn’t have a lid for the jar but they had covered it with tape. It lent credence to their scientific ambitions that they had backed the underside of the tape with leaves. The leaves were for camouflage purposes, not to mention the anti-stick properties of leaves when dealing with caterpillars.

Talese returned from a building project in Costa Rica and showed a homemade video of her trip to the kids. The pigs were the most popular part.

I read the kids a book about Teddy Roosevelt in preparation for a virtual visit with author Doreen Rappaport.  Teddy must have thought he was going to be a scientist too, keeping hedgehogs in his dresser drawers and snakes in his mother’s water pitchers.

Justice practiced writing her name and Kalesia read aloud. We also worked on our baby gift for Miss Jennifer’s new baby, Kenji (he came to many library programs although he won’t remember them).

Thanks as always to Jorge, Miss Heather and Miss Genia for all their help–and of course Kary who will post the pictures from today on the Front Porch Library site.

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