this week at the FPL




The library is an awful lot of fun in the summer. Everyone seems more relaxed and we create explosions (safe explosions). How, you may ask. Well, it was dry ice day thanks to Miss Heather, who always brings the science. We created enough vapor for any self respecting horror movie and shot film canisters into the outer stratosphere, made soap bubbles inflate, as if by magic (again, Miss Heather explained the magic using SCIENCE).

I read “Martin’s Big Words” by Doreen Rappaport in preparation for a virtual visit with the author. Many of thevolunteers shared memories of the civil rights era and growing up in the Jim Crow south.

Miss Genia (because of all our experiments with density,which causes floating) brought the makings for root beer and Coke floats–she even froze the glasses. It was a really nice change from my box cakes.

There was some powerful climbing of the ligustrum hedge. Jackie Cooper (no, not the old actor) got stuck pretty near the top of the hedge and had to be helped down by Hunter.

Surprisingly, even with acrobatic tree climbing and mostly-controlled explosions it was a no-Bandaid library day. Whew!

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