this week at the FPL


Library started with Kalesia and Justice and me “getting things ready” at about three, which meant they were tired of asking when the library would be open and I was tired of saying not yet. Justice built an impressive duplo-block tower. Kalesia, who is a born teacher, began cutting shapes out of paper to demonstrate squares, triangles, circles…we quickly ran out of shapes to demonstrate.

Carolyn Cohen, who I went to high school with before the invention of the computer came to the library after about a 45 year absence from my life and sat down for a boisterous game of Spot-It with me and the girls–forget old home week, everybody plays Spot-It on library day.

Genia Mayfield, second grade teacher during the school year, FPL volunteer while on vacation returned to us (oh happy day!) And the volunteers just kept coming: Jorge, Hunter, Penny, John, Vikki. We were crazy rich in volunteers (which would prove handy before too long).

Before the kids came in in waves, I did a program of egg-speriments. Floating eggs, dissolving eggs, spinning eggs and yolks parted from their whites with the help of an empty water bottle–you know, scientific magic. Then the kids began to arrive.

There was painting and signing up some new kids, hoops in the street. John organized the art supplies (bless you John). Harper wrote his thank you to the benefactors who are sending our kids to summer camp.

And in the midst of all this, I got reacquainted with Carolyn, who I like now just as much as I did then. Neither of us seems any the worse due to the invention of the computer.

Another fine day at the FPL!

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