this week at the FPL

tomato2We hope that all our library kids were spending the afternoon with their dads. Our only kids were Kalesia and Justice–wonderful sisters. Kalesia conducted a class with the volunteers as the students while Justice, at age four did a remarkable job of assembling puzzles on the floor. Kalesia posed questions then called on each of us to answer. “Tell me one thing about yourself.” “What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?” “Who was your first best friend?”

Her questions spurred some wonderful storytelling, including stepping on a rattlesnake. Kalesia awarded points for winning stories.

In addition to storytelling we color coded books and talked about upcoming programs and made a very small dent in the leftover birthday cake from our fifth birthday paty. BTW, frozen birthday cake is excellent!

It was a quiet day at the FPL, but I think we needed one.

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