This week at the FPL


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We just celebrated the fifth birthday of the Front Porch Library, joined by God who threw one heck of a thunderstorm into the mix just to let us know he was watching. Perhaps he didn’t notice how beautifully set up the yard was with tables and bouquets and a reading tent before chiming in. We even had water in the form of a mist sprinkler for the kids and anyone else who got hot to run under.

So we celebrated inside with all the food we have been working on the last two library sessions as well as sides brought by library families. Some of the kids ate in a bedroom with a plastic table cloth spread on the floor.

We recognized library volunteers and talked about all they had done for our very local library–what a great group we have showing up each Sunday. Jennifer, who has been with us for nearly four years blew out the number 5 candle on the cake. She’ll be leaving us soon for Wisconsin and motherhood–one of those two life changes she might have been able to overcome to continue to come on Sundays, but not both.

After the storm passed we adjourned to the street for the annual watermelon seed spitting contest, which was won by our volunteer Jorge (who says he will now have to quit school to train for his new career in spitting). He was just about six inches off our all time record with a spit of 24′. Yes, we will be able to say we knew him when.

We all had a wonderful wonderful time–even Hope the therapy dog was there, providing comfort as needed. Time to embark on year six.

Photo credits for this post all go to Kalesia.

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