this week at the FPL

DSC04021 DSC04024

This is a morning-after Front Porch Library report. It was such a whirlwind I needed a little time to recover! School is over, which might explain the riotous exuberance. We continued to get ready for the 5th birthday party. The chop shop was on the porch (yes, kids with knives again, this time cutting up squash and peppers). The spaghetti sauces started last week simmered on the stove, overseen by John.

In the kitchen, Maya and Kary started the cookies that will be used to make our famous FPL ice cream sandwiches. The bowls circulated in the main room as kids took turns stirring.

The read-aloud led to a game of charades–a new concept to most of the kids. Osten, when he got frustrated, just blurted words–sometimes even the word we were trying to guess. I don’t think he could believe how dense we were.

The flies were terrible, so we stayed inside most of the time–I’d describe this week’s gathering as a contained explosion.

We sang happy birthday to Jorge, (the volunteer whose job it is to keep the kids from catching fire).

Today, Harper, the first kid on a Front Porch Library scholarship will start camp at the Tallahassee Museum. Thanks to a super-generous donation we will be able to send 8 kids to camp in the course of the summer.

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