this week at the FPL

DSC04016   DSC04020DSC04009DSC04011Today at the Front Porch Library we began getting ready for the library’s 5th birthday. Of course knives were involved. In what has become a time honored library birthday tradition we began to prepare the spaghetti sauce which is the key ingredient in our loaves-and-fishes plan to feed a large number of kids, their families and sundry neighbors on the cheap.

We began, as always, with all the frozen tomatoes in the freezer still left from last summer’s crop, John Woodward, who went the extra mile, taking a cab to be his usual reliable volunteer self oversaw the boiling water, the squishy removal of the skins, the chopping… The kids helped (with the patient guidance of Hanna) and they handled the chopping of mushrooms, carrots, squash, and onions–each of which presented its own particular problems. Carrots were declared to be harder than they looked. Squash and mushrooms were derided for tasting bad, and onions…you know…the obvious.

Yamani and Essynce sauteed vegetables, Osten and Jorge kept the sausage from sticking. In the library’s three-butt-kitchen, we crammed perhaps eight cooks.

In the living room we’d imported a table from the driveway (an outpost chopping station). I was surprised by how few chunks of carrot I had to vacuum up after library.

Thanks to Jen and Tracy, we inherited a very comfortable inflatable chair which, it was declared, can not be sat in unless the sitter is reading. Miss Heather used the reading chair to great advantage today, getting lots of kids to not only read, but read books that would be a challenge.

The cake? Chocolate. The icing? A rather gloomy purple crusted with sugar sprinkles.

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