This week at the FPL




Library started an hour early–Jordan, Zion and Shawndrae were so ready to start–then the three girls from around the corner joined us–and we were off! Boy, was I glad when the volunteers began to show up.

In the end, we had 19 kids. And what did we do, you may ask? Miss Heather continued reading with the kids (Mr. John too). As I walked past I heard Heather explaining words like elegant and sneer. We all shared our interpretations of lions dancing elegantly. We also sneered.

We read the book we wrote last week: The Adventures of Mort the Blue Jay. It had a very sad ending thanks to Essynce: “I’m home!” Mort yelled to his family. Then he remembered he didn’t have a family. Essynce went on to draw the covers for Mort’s sad tale.

Our big push was to talk to the kids about our sudden amazing scholarship fund that will send them to camp at the natural history museum just a couple of miles from the neighborhood–an incredibly generous donation was given by two of the authors I met while in New Orleans at the International Reading Association.

The kids wrote essays about why they wanted to go to camp. Penmanship and spelling were marginal, but the sentiments, such as “to work hard to help the animals” were heart warming.

A crazy-hectic and fine day at the Front Porch Library.

PS: My FB reports are always reposted on our library blog–with photos. So if you want to see the cakes, the kids, the crazy projects, take a look.

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