This week at the FPL

mdayToday at the FPL, Zion was the first to show up (an hour early) offering the “I need a drink of water” excuse. He hung out at our regular house for that time, looking over all the skulls, shells and fossils. We ended up on the internet trying to identify exactly which sea turtle skull we were looking at–and then it was time to ice the cake, which Zion did in white (unusually restrained for the FPL). We flavored it with almond extract and then experimented with how far away we would be when we could first smell it (science, always!).

Ryleigh and Corbin returned to the library! Two wonderful kids. Ryleigh’s hair was atypically burnette. Usually it has streaks of purple, pink and turquoise, but Corbin made up for it by having bold orange streaks in his.

I read the kids a book by one of the students I worked with in Michigan, William Lee. “Oscar the Flea.” After traveling through Oscar’s heroic flea adventures the kids created, Mort the Blue Jay and each kid wrote and illustrated a page for a book about Mort’s adventures. I’ll assemble it for our next gathering.

At the table next to the one at which great literature was being created, Mother’s Day cards were being drawn and glued–and all I can say is that I hope mother’s appreciate emoticon stickers and bobble eyes.

We had one tricky drama. Zion’s bike was “borrowed” by a kid no one seemed to know who had been shooting hoops in the street. Hunter took a walk and found the kid and the bike.

Heather started a much better reading regimen with the kids, tracking their skills relative to grade level so we know who needs the most help and who is doing just fine. We are always a work in progress, but we never quit trying!

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