Adrian Fogelin wins IRA Social Justice Literature Award

book jacket for Summer on the Moon

The International Reading Association has a new award, and The Front Porch Library’s favorite author has been honored as one if its first recipients.  Adrian Fogelin is just back from New Orleans where she was recognized for her work in the book Summer on the Moon.

The Social Justice Literature Award is presented to honor books that address social responsibility towards individuals, communities, societies, and/or the environment as well as invite reflection and socially responsible action by the reader.

If you haven’t checked out Summer on the Moon, we invite you to. Check out the summary below.  Here’s a big CONGRATULATIONS to Adrian from your neighborhood crew.

Summer on the Moon by Adrian Fogelin (Peachtree Publications)

Summer vacation is just beginning for Socko and his best friend Damien. The first problem is dealing with Rapp, the leader of the local gang and neighborhood bully. Postponed not solved. The next problem comes when mom unexpectedly moves Socko away from this bad neighborhood to Moon Ridge Estates, a half-built housing development. No best friend to hang around with, instead Socko is taking care of his grumpy grandfather, the General. The reader learns with Socko the power found in family and friends no matter where you live.


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