This week at the FPL

backpack1 backpack2 backpack3

After an unprecedented two Sunday closure the Front Porch Library roared back to life. Our neighbor, Mark (trail name Goggles) made time for us before heading west to the Pacific Crest Trail. He unpacked his pack so we could see what thirty pounds would allow. Woo-hoo, a folding fork, a titanium pan, a stove the size of a flashlight.

The kids were especially interested in the maps. Kneeling on the floor they read the city names along the trail. “You walked all the way to Baltimore!” Shawndrae shouted (shout is Shandrae’s default volume). Then Mark showed us photos of his four month hike. He didn’t quite finish the trail. Why? He lost too much weight so his stamina failed. Still, it was a darned long walk.

Our wonderful volunteer, Talise, brought her birthday presents to share–instead of gifts for herself she asked friends to give her art supplies for the FPL. The markers and pads were put to immediate use.

The cake today was marble. Kalesia made the green icing that was drizzled on first, Jackson made the red (drizzle number two) and everyone added an excruciating amount of sprinkles. Another fine day at the FPL.

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