this week at the FPL

photo credit: Lillian McGee, 2014


Today Craig and Laura took the kids of the FPL to China, or as close as you can get in a living room in Tallahassee. We learned to count to ten in Chinese, and write the numbers. We saw a tile from an ancient tomb–we did not ask how Craig acquired it.

We learned that the Chinese burn paper money for their dead along with paper representations of everything else that might be needed in heaven (I wondered about the watch–who tells time in heaven)?

And then we burned things in the driveway and thought of people we knew in heaven who might need a kimono or a Timex. Burning things is always popular, but it made Jorge nervous. His job description at the library is that he keeps the kids from catching fire. Today it seemed like a real possibility.

We used chopsticks to pick up Chinese candies–a really good motivator. Then we lapsed into puzzle making, hoops in the street and building towers with Jenga blocks. Another fine day at the FPL. Thanks Craig, Laura and Hope (the therapy dog who provided a zen-like calm.)

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