this week at the FPL



Today at the FPL, we wrote! (After building like crazy with Ray’s latest Goodwill building supplies–Tinkertoys this time). Jorge and Max created a somewhat demonic woman who encouraged the ghosts in her house and seemed to be the reason why every other character was complaining of a missing cat.

John and Nadia’s woman was living her life in a robe and slippers–never a promising way to face life, especially when your favorite cat is missing.

Talise and Zion began their character with a pair of red heels (all characters began with the selection of a pair of shoes). Zion insisted that Talise put them on so they could get a better idea.

Osten and Essynce came in late and Jennifer helped them catch up. Osten was too shy to share, so Jorge went over and interpreted his notes. It seems there was a bully on the bus…Oscar held out for as long as he could…and then he lost it!

Perhaps my favorite moment of library was when an adult neighbor leaned over the fence and said, “I didn’t know it was a library. You don’t have ‘My Side of the Mountain,’ do you? It was my favorite when I was a kid.” I got to pass the book to him across the fence.

At the end Zion said, “Will this always be a library?” I sure hope so.

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