this week at the FPL

paperplane1 paperplane2 paperplane3

While Adrian sang with Hot Tamale at ECHO’s Empty Bowl Supper, we carried on bravely with a great group of kids, beautiful weather, and plenty of time spent outside.  John read us a story about flying small planes, and he regaled us with tales of growing up with a father who owned a Cessna.  We learned the real story behind why seatbelts were invented.  We heard how harrowing it is when you are in a small plane in a big storm, especially if you find yourself in a cloud and unable to see anything around you except cloud.  We learned why it is that all pilots tell their flying stories with certain plane-mimicking gestures.  Thanks John!

The natural follow-up to such a story was to make paper airplanes of our own, which everyone did with great enthusiasm.  Chalk marks on the road signaled the longest flights.  However, they couldn’t convey, the plane that flew the highest, stayed in the air the longest, or completed the most acrobatics in flight.  John was able to identify the actual plane that each paper plane was based upon and he provided some WWI and WWII history too to a very rapt group of designers.

Heather, Hanna, and Talise got everybody reading.  Jorge kept us all from catching fire.  Even without Adrian, I’d say it was a mighty fine day at The Front Porch Library. — ksk

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