this week at the FPL



Today at the FPL we continued to build. Last week we went with the kid equivalent of bricks and mortar–Legos and Duplo blocks. This week we worked with the often overlooked alternative: marshmallows and spaghetti. Jorge and Max are displaying their creation, The Jorge and Max castle.

I don’t think this other creation has a name. It was a joint project done by Kalesia, her four-year-old sister, Justice and me. These are just two samples of the building boom that happened on the driveway tables.

By the end there was a major breakdown of discipline and the building materials were being ingested, but we built a lot of classy, if temporary structures. We were joined by a wonderful new volunteer, Ranelle Christle–thanks to her we have these photos.

In one more piece of FPL news, the documentary made by Amber McKenzie about the library has been selected for the Morehead Independent Film Festival. Whoa! Fun in the driveway goes global!

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