this week at the FPL

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Whoa! Huge day at the Front Porch Library. We had an older group than usual–our older kids tend to travel together so we have none or many. Today it was many.

Kary gave the library a wonderful book about architectural feats and failures. We had a lively discussion about such ambitious projects as the Eiffel Tower (am I the only one who didn’t know he also designed the armature for the Statue of Liberty?), The Leaning Tower, and the Takoma Narrows Bridge (which snapped its cables and blew down). That would be (in order) feat, feat/failure, and flat-out failure.

We then challenged the kids to build interesting structures as tall as possible. Kary has the measurements, but they were over a meter, pretty darned sturdy and definitely interesting.

Many of the kids painted at the tables in the driveway. And many many of the kids read to reading buddies. We have good readers and bad, but everyone hung in there.

Our volunteer John brought his wife, Vicky and she and Maya ran the kitchen where homemade Play Doh was manufactured


and sent home in recycled cottage cheese tubs.

All our wonderful volunteers will now rest knowing we’ve given literacy a nudge–and it was only a one Band-aid Sunday. Not bad!

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