This week at the FPL


It rained and rained and rained and we wondered whether that would mean tons of kids in the library or few. The answer turned out to be few, unless you consider that for most of the time the only kid was The Max. He can keep any number of volunteers busy.

The season is about to start again in our community garden so I brought over some of my starter plants–I do much of the seed planting and others take it from there. I also dug up a few earthworms so we could consider the earthworm (humble creature that sadly lacks a brain, ears or eyes but gives all gardeners a great assist).

A couple of other kids straggled in, but we all had a good time discussing plans for the future–why don’t we take the kids to the Flying High Circus? We had also made a very chocolate cake with green icing into which we poked holes so we could insert gummy worms.

The Front Porch Library is always a surprise–like throwing a party and issuing a general invitation. Today, since our guests come by bicycle, most of them got rained in at home. There’s always next week.

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