this week at the FPL


We couldn’t have asked for better weather at library today.  It was sunny, breezy and cool.  Kalisia and Blake showed up first ready to make valentine-worthy red icing.  The library’s basketball goal — which has already seen many repairs — is currently in need of some welding to be functional.  Instead of trying to get through a Sunday without shooting hoops, Hunter hauled a neighbor’s basketball goal from down the street and around the corner.  He looked like Hercules coming up the hill.

Heather read a “Choose Your Own Adventure”book  and let kids vote each time there was a choice.  Majority rule proved pretty efficient as the story’s adventure inside the haunted house ended quickly with the discovery of an in-house theater showing a superman movie.  Heather pointed out that the book they read had EIGHTEEN different endings, and that was just one of them.  That elicited the sounds of astonishment and amazement she expected.

The balance of our time was spent making valentines, shooting hoops, and reading with Ms. Heather.  Never underestimate the power of the handmade card.  Several kids who have been coming to the library since before they could read, were avid greeting card authors today asking for help with spelling a word here and there — the messages already fully formed in their heads.

Everybody took a turn reading with Ms. Heather.  Talise helped with kids who just couldn’t wait for their second turn!

It was so nice to have so much volunteer help today.  The final score was 18 kids to 7 adults/high schoolers, a ratio that meant no one caught fire and this library mama (Kary) went home exhausted but satisfied … since it was another fine day at The Front Porch Library.

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NOTE: All of today’s photo credits go to the kids, specifically Zion and Nadia


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2 thoughts on “this week at the FPL”

  1. Kary–I’m glad it went to well. I wondered. Thank God for Hunter and his feat of strength.

    We are bracing for a big storm–and I am wondering about my seedlings. Can you go cast an eye on them when you get a chance. I’ve been worrying that they are too far from the lights–I hope they are not getting tall and spindly….

    We’re having a good time with Matthew and company, and, of course we miss home.

    Thanks for the backup with Moo.


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