this week at the FPL

cake0 cake1 cake2 cake3Busy, busy day at the library. It started early with kids breaking out the bubble stuff. Corrin held up her wand to “let the wind take a turn.” Somewhere in the piling in of the crowd three jars of bubble stuff ended up with one wand between them. Maybe the wind stole the other two.

The read-aloud soldiered on–actually the kids were pretty quiet for “Become a Perfect Person in Three Days.” The instruction for the third day was to go to the zoo and bring home the largest available gorilla. Pretty interesting. I can see why they sat still.

We got a jump start on Valentine’s Day. Nadia made one to give to a guy she likes so he can give it back to her. She then plans to be impressed with how well he knows her taste in cards. Jordan made a card for his mom with everything he would give her if he could: a car, flowers, a chocolate cake. It’s the thought that counts.

The Max built a goal post out of Duplo Blocks and kicked the football he brought through it.

Our new(ish) Leon High volunteer, Talise, continued to find ways to get kids to read to her and play games that required them to think. We are so lucky to have her.

It was a fifteen kid day–and we still had enough cake to go around. Another fine day at the FPL.

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