this week at the FPL

lemon1 lemon2 lemon3 lemon4

Library began with DeeDee and Zion on the blanket on the front lawn with our just-acquired (from Goodwill) duplo blocks and a phenomenal collection of super heroes (brought by the boys). My job was sewing Batman’s cape back on.

And the kids kept coming and coming. Ms Kary brought a giant sack of Meyer lemons and the squeezing began. Some kids wanted more sugar in the mix, some, like TJ sucked on the peels.

One of the patron saints of the library, Ted Eisenstein, who supports us all the way from Missouri, sent a box of incredible books. We looked at photos of scales on butterfly wings, and leaf cutter ants (hey, here’s cherry laurel from our own driveway–that’s what the ants are carrying!), and the White House–they can now tell you what it is made of (sandstone) and who was the first president to live in it (John Adams). And we read more of “Be a Perfect Person in Three Days.”

Did I mention finger painting? Let me just say that you can finger paint with many things, and that finger paints work quite well as war paint.

What a good day at the FPL!

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